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Celebrity: Harry Styles
Job: Singer

Harry Styles Phone Number

On this page you can easily contact with your celebrity – Harry Styles. This is real phone number. It was not easy but we made it! For more information see below.  We tested the number ourselves beforehand and we can vouch for it. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Be friendly; Harry Styles, as you, is a human and deserves respect. Do not be a stalker!

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get-it-now-buttonHarry Styles was born in Worcestershire, on Feb 1, 1994, in the West Midlands area of Britain. His parents, Anne and Delaware River, separated when he was 7 yrs old. His cousin Gemma along with he were raised by their mom in the township of Chapel in Cheshire. His mom was later re married, to Perspective.

tumblr_static_mmmGet contact to Harry Styles – what is Harry Styles phone number?

As an English singer and songwriter Harry Styles and the youngest among five members of the boy band One Direction who owns a beautiful voice and a shining appearance with curly hair and big-sweet smile he is adored by many girls. These fans would kill to have a conversation with him. Harry says he would happily date a fan! When asked he said: “Yeah definitely, because if you like someone, you like someone. If they’re a fan it shouldn’t make any difference.” One of his most searched contact detail these days is Harry Styles phone number.

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Harry Styles, one of the most famous artist in the UK, loves romantic movies for girls and collect cars.  He is the youngest member of the band One Direction and before taking part in the band, it was done noticed audition contest X – Factor when he sang “Isn’t she lovely?”, the song of Stevie Wonder. Harry has not always wanted to become a singer. He chose a time for the legal profession. Before attending the X Factor auditions, the artist was frontman White Eskimo, who formed it with colleagues in high school. Harry loves movies for girls, and among his favorites include Titanic, The Notebook and Love Actually. One of his heroes is actor David Hasselhoff. While performing in front of a bilion fans,  artist ashamed very wuickly when it comes to speeches, and most moving was the one spoken in his mother’s wedding. He is dependend on his mother, which sounds even five times a day. When left in places with time difference, it sends messages like “I love you, Mum” or “I miss you”. The first song he learned was “The Girl of My Best Friend” by Elvis Presley. Harry Styles has a collection of cars and among the exhibits include an Audi R8, a Range Rover, a Porche Carrera and a Ford Capri. The artist also has another talent besides the voice, like juggling. His favorite phrase is “Keep the change you filthy animal”, from the movie Home Alone.

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